Anti Dandruff Tips

Anti Dandruff Tips

Dandruff can cause problems when the appearance. Someone who rarely have dandruff not be less confident. How embraces someone who found grain flow in the scalp shirt. Moreover, if someone is required to appear in front of many people.
By experts, dandruff infection associated with the mushroom fungus Pytosporum ovale and Mallassezia as a deviation factor of a fuse on the skin. Have dandruff someone to release the skin cells faster than normal people.
What is dandruff ?
Dandruff is detached skin cells of the dead in the amount of overcharging. Cells shaped grain leather is soft silver grayish, sometimes accompanied by itchiness.
Fur fur does not relate to the type of skin head, that means anyone can overwrite no matter whether the oily skin or dry.

Anti dandruff Tips

To overcome dandruff, follow the tips below:
• Avoid skin scrape so that the head does not blister can result in the occurrence of secondary infection.
• Use anti-dandruff shampoo regularly, especially those containing Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT). Anti-dandruff shampoo has the effect of this type of anti-bacterial and anti-fungus so that it can reduce the incidence and mitigate grain skin itchiness.
• Use anti-dandruff shampoo every day regularly.
• Select the anti-dandruff shampoo lightly to avoid side effects.
• Perform the replacement of anti-dandruff shampoo to avoid resistance.
• Avoid stress. Despite not as a direct cause, stress can cause a decrease of resistance to overcome the body scurf.
• Avoid the use of hair oil, gel or hair spray is excessive because it can trigger the growth of skin fungi.
• Restrict the food and beverages that can trigger the growth of skin fungi, such as alcoholic beverages.
• Maintain the health of hair and skin with rich food matrix vitamin B, for example: yellow, having a speech impediment, nuts, seeds and dark green vegetables.
• Do not forget to consume food that contain zinc to maintain the oil gland activity and immune system, for example: fish, yellow, having a speech impediment, meat, soybean and cereals (rice, wheat, etc.)
• Get a little sunbathing in the morning and afternoon, so that the health of hair and skin remain awake.
• Consult a doctor if skin specialist anti-dandruff shampoo cause side effects such as skin burn or other side effects


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