Tips How to Make Your Eyes and Hair Colour Pop

If you’re anything like us you probably stick to the colours that you know and love, but what if you could upgrade your look and really make your eyes, features and complexions pop? Read on to discover the best colour combos for you by Cafe La Moda:


Blue – For daytime, bring out your gorgeous blue eyes with brown and neutral shades or a wash of lavender eyeshadow. For a little extra pizzazz, a line of metallic eyeshadow in gold, bronze or silver used as eyeliner on the top or bottom lashes will really make your eyes stand out. Finish off with lashings of mascara for full and fluttery lashes. For an evening look try a classic smoky eye using smudgy blacks and charcoal grey. To make your eyes look bigger work a light grey into the inner corners of the eyes, blending into a darker grey at the corner. Dark blues, violets and silver also work brilliantly on blue eyes. Add a feline flick using shadow or liner for maximum impact.

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Brown – Lucky you – you’ve got the easiest eye colour to work with and can pull off most colours beautifully. Try a champagne shade for daytime if you have fair skin, or a more intense colour if your skin is darker – blues and pale purple look great on you. Up the ante for nighttime with a showstopping look – plum, forest green and dark greys really bring out the intensity of you dark brown eyes. Medium browns suit violet and bronze, and light and dark browns and bronze were made for light brown eyes.

Green – Green eyes really pop when lined with shades of lilac, plum and lavender. Gold, coppers and bronzes are also great on hazel or green peepers. Any colour with red undertones will really bring out your eyes: purples, dark green and browns. Avoid black mascara or eyeliner and instead opt for shades of brown or grey as they’re softer on your features and work better with the shades that suit you.

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Blonde – Soft shades of make up and s/s’s hottest pastel hues best complement blonde hair, as does brown mascara and eyeliner. Sheer colours look gorgeous on you: try a peachy blush with highlighter, a rose pink on lips, a champagne wash of eyeshadow and a slick of bronze under the lower lashes, complete with flawless skin, of course.

Redheads – Warm tones such as copper and peach look stunning on redheads, as do earthy tones and olive green. Stick to pearlescent neutrals and browns or green on the lids with brown eyeliner to define the eyes. Stick to bright pinks or nude lipsticks and peach on the cheeks.

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Brunette and black – Deep shades of brown on the eyes look simply stunning with your brunette locks. You can really pull off the smoky eye look with deep browns, greys and black. Dark pink and brick red blush really lifts your complexion and a nude or cherry lipstick will add the finishing touches to your look.


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